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Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council

Warwickshire County Council

Crime Map - What has happened on the St Nicolas Park Estate and which Police Officers can we contact to help us? A national website launched by the Government on 01/02/11.



The Houses of Parliament

TheyWorkForYou - a very easy way to find out what your MP is saying.

The Christian Institute - a good place to read about and then take action about social issues we face.

The Evangelical Alliance - find out about their wide-ranging activities.

Care - Christians can make a positive difference in Society.

Christian Concern - another organisation that can help us to take action in an appropriate manner.



E100 Challenge - read 100 carefully selected, essential yet fairly short passages of Scripture: 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament.

The Bible Society

YouVersion - 48 versions in 22 languages - text and Reading Plans: use on your desktop, laptop or mobile. 

The Gideons - they last visited us on 23/01/11.



The International House of Prayer - based in Kansas City, be inspired through the activities and information you can access here.

World Prayer Centre - based in Birmingham, you can read the Vision and see what action is being taken here.

Jericho Walls - there is plenty of information and encouragement here.

International Prayer Connect - an umbrella group for many organisations.

Nuneaton Christian Network's Prayer site.


Daily/Weekly emails sent to you

UCB - The Word for Today by Bob Gass

Operation World - pray for a different country everyday.

Christ Notes - Daily Bible verses (from a choice of 13 translations) and/or Weekly Wisdom emails.

Prayer-Alert - this is great weekly service with useful pointers and information sent.

We are Worship - register to receive free MP3 and PDF song downloads every week.



God TV - available on cable and Sky TV, as well as online as streamed and on demand.

UCB - radio and TV channels.

Premier - radio and TV channels.

Trinity Broadcasting Network - watch on Freeview or online

Revelation TV - watch on Sky or online.

Cross Rhythms - radio station.

Christianity Magazine - the UK's primary non-denominational evangelical magazine.

Zionworx - we use this software to project our lyrics and PowerPoints.

Audacity - this free software is used to edit our Podcasts.

Buzzsprout - this company hosts our Podcasts.

Unsplash - we often use these excellent copyright free images in our printed and digital materials.



Elim Church - learn more about the movement that NCF is a part of.

The King's Lodge - YWAM's local base.

Christians against Poverty - help with debt.

Hope Together - ideas for Missions.

Spring Harvest - an annual event since 1979.

New Wine - meet with other Christians.

RIVERcamp - begun in 2002, this year it will happen in late August near Evesham.

Search Church - great if you want to find a church to visit whilst on holiday.

Looking for God - What is Christianity all about? What did Jesus do that was so important?



Could you recommend anymore Links to sites you often visit and value?



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