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Sunday Morning Talks in 2019


On this page you can listen to what was said each week and read the Outline for each Talk, as well as looking at the PowerPoint slides if they were used. You can download all the Talks to your device - ask John for help if you are unsure what to do.


The format we follow through each year is to have two months on one theme and then one month on varied and miscellaneous topics. The four themes each year would be one from the Old Testament, one from the New and the other two themes devoted to practical aspects of Christian life or systematic theology.


(A month of miscellaneous Topics)

The Armour of God - Ephesians 6

Printed Materials

(Access the Material by clicking on the date)

24th November - Paul Wood - Keep Praying! (Prayer Sunday)

17th November - John Stephenson - Sword of the Spirit

10th November - John Stephenson - Helmet of Salvation

3rd November - Benji Prasad Karra - Shield of Faith

27th October - John Stephenson - Feet fitted with the Gospel of Peace

20th October - Paul Wood - Breastplate of Righteousness

13th October - John Stephenson - Belt of Truth

6th October - Nik Howarth - Why is it needed?


(A month of miscellaneous Topics)

29th September - John Stephenson - Abandoning What?

22nd September - Fiona Holton (Family Service) - You are Special!

15th September - Craig Bird

Unfortunately a Recording isn't available for this service.

8th September - John Stephenson - Prayer Sunday

1st September - Nik Howarth

Overview of the New Testament

Printed Materials

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25th August - John Stephenson - More than merely 'reading' the Bible

18th August - John Stephenson - Revelation

11th August + PowerPoint Slides - Hyungjin Yoon - Other Letters

4th August - Dudley and Jan - Paul's Letters to Individuals

Here is the video at the end of Dudley's Talk

28th July - John Stephenson - Paul Letters to Churches

21st July - Kirabo Nnanyumba - The Acts of the Apostles

14th July - John Stephenson - The Four Gospels

7th July - Paul Wood - The 400 Years

Overview of the Old Testament

Printed Materials

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30th June - Nik Howarth - The Wisdom Literature

23rd June - John Stephenson - Post Exilic

16th June - SeungJin Kim - The Southern Prophets

9th June - Jean Gapelbe - The Northern Prophets

2nd June - John Stephenson - The Divided Kingdom

26th May + PowerPoint Slides - Gail Phillip - The United Kingdom

19th May - Jean Gapelbe - Conquest and Judges

12th May - John Stephenson - The Pentateuch

5th May - Nik Howarth - What is the Bible?


(A month of miscellaneous Topics)

28th April - Prayer Sunday - John Stephenson

21st April - Easter Sunday - John Stephenson

14th April - Missions Sunday (Palm Sunday) - the Gapelbes and the Kims

Unfortunately a Recording isn't available for this service.

7th April - Crossing Borders - John Stephenson

The First Team

Printed Materials

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31st March - Fiona Holton and Gill Stephenson - Mary, Martha and Joanna

24th March - Jean Gapelbe - James and John

17th March - Paul Wood - Thomas

10th March - John Stephenson - Andrew and Peter

3rd March - Jean Gapelbe - Judas

24th February - John Stephenson - Thaddaeus, James, Simon and Bartholomew

17th February - Paul Wood - Matthew/Levi

10th February - Nik Howarth - Philip

3rd February - John Stephenson - A Team of Twelve


(A month of miscellaneous Topics)

27th January - John Stephenson - It's Started!

20th January - Rev. Nik Howarth - Induction Service for John Stephenson

13th January - Rev. Paul Wood

6th January - John Stephenson - Prayer Sunday

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