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Online Together - Morning Services


Since 22nd March we have not able to meet together physically because of the Coronavirus. Previous to this we would meet together for around 90 minutes every week, with a varied mixture of worship, prayer, Bible-reading and preaching.


Now we tend to meet for a shorter time, but we are still meeting together! We are experimenting with content and trying to get people interacting. Many of us are meeting together live by using Zoom, others are able to watch the videos we record each week (these are below), whilst others receive a CD through their physical letterbox. The scripts (including all the PowerPoint slides for the short Talk and song lyrics) for each week are below too.


Please let John have any feedback you want to give - it's best to email or text direct rather than using the WhatsApp Group. Volunteers for people to lead us in prayer and Bible-reading each Sunday are being sought. Thank you.




Online Together Scripts + Videos

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22nd March 2020 - Script + Video

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