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Since 22nd March we have not able to meet together physically because of the Coronavirus. Previous to this we would meet together for around 90 minutes every week, with a varied mixture of worship, prayer, Bible-reading and preaching.


Now we tend to meet for a shorter time, but we are still meeting together! We are experimenting with content and trying to get people interacting. Many of us are meeting together live by using Zoom, others are able to watch the videos we record each week (these are below), whilst others receive a CD through their physical letterbox. The scripts (including all the PowerPoint slides for the short Talk and song lyrics) for each week are below too.


Please let John have any feedback you want to give - it's best to email or text direct rather than using the WhatsApp Group.


Thank you.



Online Together Scripts + Videos in 2020

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28  27th Sept 2020             Chris Rice                    The work of CAP                                       Script + Video

27  20th Sept 2020             Nik Howarth               We're still changing                                  Script + Video

26  13th Sept 2020             Nik Howarth               God uses failures                                       Script + Video                      

25  6th Sept 2020               John Stephenson       God hasn't changed, so behold Him!    Script + Video


24  30th August 2020       John Stephenson        James 5:13-20                                           Script + Video

23  23rd August 2020       Lisa Macbeth               James 5:1-12                                              Script + Video

22  16th August 2020        John Stephenson       James 4:1-17                                               Script + Video

21   9th August 2020         John Stephenson       James 3:1-18                                               Script + Video                                    

20  2nd August 2020         John Stephenson        James 2:14-26                                           Script + Video

19  26th July 2020             John Stephenson       James 2:1-13                                               Script + Video

18  19th July 2020             Nik Howarth               James 1:19-27                                             Script + Video

17  12th July 2020             Allan Smith                  James 1:2-18                                              Script + Video

16  5th July 2020               Paul Wood                   Epistle of James - an Introduction        Script + Video


15  28th June 2020            John Stephenson       Prayer Sunday                                           Script + Video

14  21st June 2020             David Rhodes              Father's Day                                               Script + Video

13  14th June 2020            Nik Howarth                We're all Heroes with flaws                    Script + Video

12   7th June 2020             John Stephenson        Appropriate Clothing                               Script + Video

11    31st May 2020            Ecumenical Videos     Pentecost                                                    Script + Video

10   24th May 2020           Andy Kennedy             Virtues (Col 3:12-14)                                Script + Video

09   17th May 2020           Nik Howarth                Garments of Salvation                             Script + Video

                                                                                                      + Robes of Righteousness

08   10th May 2020            Jonathan Bugg            The Armour of God                                  Script + Video

07   3rd May 2020             Paul Wood                     Take up Jesus' Yoke                                Script + Video

06   26th April 2020          John Stephenson        Take up the Cross                                     Script + Video

05    19th April 2020          John Stephenson        Take off + Put on                                      Script + Video

04   12th April 2020          Ecumenical Video        Easter                                                          Script + Video

03   5th April 2020            John Stephenson        Not an April Fool!                                     Script + Video

02   29th March 2020       Nik Howarth                God is in charge                                        Script

01    22nd March 2020     John Stephenson         God doesn't change, the Church does  Script + Video


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