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The Bible                                                            


All of these downloadable files will inform you about the Bible in different ways. Some of the General ones involve lots of numbers, diagrams and lists. If they don't interest you, then there are plenty of more devotional ones that are to come over the coming months. The main point of this page isn't to purely give you knowledge, but to inspire and encourage you to read the Bible regularly. Use these files to help you understand the bigger picture and then find more resources to help you delve deeper still.


Click the Orange Asterisk * to open the file. Black Asterisks mean the file is in preparation.





*  A Short Introduction to how the Bible is divided up into sections


*  Lengths of each Book of the Bible - according to both number of Chapters and Verses


*  Every Chapter in the whole Bible in numerical order (arranged by number of Verses)


*  Numbered order of each Chapter of the Bible, together with how many are left


*  Facts and stats about the whole Bible (derived from data collected in April 2018)


*  Different English Translations of the Bible - a history and comparison



Specific Books of the Bible:

A growing resource on the individual books of the Bible - each A5 page will first appear in our twice monthly Newsletter


*   Joshua      (21st Oct. 2018)

*  Psalms       (2nd Sept. 2018)  

*  Isaiah         (16th Sept. 2018)

*  Revelation (7th Oct. 2018)


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