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Regular Events

John would be happy to tell you more about any of these events. Sometimes the venue of some of these events may change.


Various community groups also use the church building throughout the week.

Sunday Morning Prayer

From 10.00am

Pop in or stay for a while. Praying for what might be happening that day, as well as other issues. This is held in the Prayer Room, near our front entrance.

Sunday Morning Services


This has a mixture of lively and more contemplative music, with a Bible-based talk. In February and March 2019 we are discovering more about Jesus' Twelve Disciples and what it means to be a Disciple. The children go out for part of the time for their own activites. We take Communion together on the first Sunday in the month.


Join us from 10.30 for free tea and coffee. Have a chat and make friends.

Sunday Evening Services


This takes place on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. It is around 50 minutes in length, with a more traditional structure with read responses and well-known hymns. A printed Order of Service is used each time. Refreshments follow. You would be made most welcome to join us.

Monday Housegroup

8.00-9.40pm (alternate weeks to Wednesday Prayer Group)

This is a great time to get to know others. Generally there will be a Bible Study, with some prayer or testimony as well. Ask questions, listen to others, learn more about God and yourself in comfortable surroundings. This is held in the Lounge.

Wednesday Prayer Group

8.00-9.00pm (alternate weeks to Monday Housegroup)

Join us in the Lounge as we pray for different nations and more local issues too. For part of the time we are currently working our way through Open Door's book of the 50 most persecuted countries in the world praying specifically for that country and it's Christian brothers and sisters.

Sunshine Corner

Thursdays 9.45-11.30am (during term time only)

Sunshine Corner (our Mums and Tots) has been running since early in 2011.  Around 45 to 50 children regularly attend, with 25 to 30 parents, grandparents and carers to look after them. There is an organised programme of play, crafts and "See & Know" sessions for all not to mention coffee, squash and cake breaks with a sing along session at the end of the morning.

Luncheon Club

Thursdays 12.30-2.30pm (alternate weeks to the Thursday Prayer Group)

This began in 2007 following a complete refurbishment of our kitchen facilities. A two course lunch is served prepared by a professionally qualified chef.


You would be assured of a warm welcome if you want to try us out. There's no need to book - just turn up.

Thursday Prayer Group

1.30-3.00pm (alternate weeks to the Luncheon Club)

Held in the Lounge, join us for a time of prayer and encouragement.

Vicar's Tea Party

2.00-4.00pm (on the last Friday of every month)

We provide a selection of finger sandwiches, salad and pork pies followed by a selection of cakes. These include scones with jam and cream, victoria sponges, coffee and walnut sponges, chocolate sponges and bara brith to name a few (though not all in the same month!).


They are served at table with white linen tablecloths, original Victorian cake stands and serving plates together with matching Victorian tea sets.


It has been running since 2007 and was started as a place for people to come and enjoy good food in good surroundings and to enjoy each others company. It continues to serve the same purpose today with some 30-40 in regular attendance.

The Music Group

We play every Sunday morning.

The Lighthouse Puppetry Team

We've been performing for over 13 years and still practise regularly. We have performed in schools and Churches and outdoors at Fêtes and Christmas lights events. We are generally involved in Services at NCF at least three times per year.

The Sunday School

 We often use Scripture Union material.

Upcoming Special Events

Date Event

Sunday Mornings in

January and February

We shall focus on the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel


30th January

Church Council Meeting at 8.00pm


1st March

Prayer Sunday

One Saturday

in March

Reading the final third of the New Testament out loud together


15th March

Paul Hudson (our Regional Superintendent and Elim's former International Missions Director) will be speaking at our Morning Service.


22nd March

Family Service (Mothering Sunday)


29th March

Ecumenical Service

(These happen if there is a 5th Sunday in a month.)

Sunday Mornings in

April and May

We shall focus on "The Best Fashion - what are we wearing?"


12th April

Easter Day


21st May

Church Council Meeting at 8.00pm

Sunday Mornings in

July and August

We shall focus on the New Testament Book of James
Thurs 23rd - Sat 25th July The 9th Korean/UK Mission Conference at NCF.

Sunday Mornings in

October and November

We shall focus on "Listening In - Great Prayers of the Bible"


25th December

Christmas Celebration at 10.00am (for around 50 minutes)

2021 is coming

Date Event


4th April

Easter Day

Easter is celebrated by Churches in the West on the first Sunday following a full moon that occurs on or following 21st March (the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere). This means Easter changes date every year - it can occur as early as 22nd March (next in 2285) or as late as 25th April (next in 2038).  The Feast of Easter is naturally linked to the Jewish Feast of Passover. In the late 3rd century there was beginning to be some dissatisfaction in the Church with regard to how the date was calculated. It was decided to not rely on the Jewish calendar at The First Council of Nicea in 325 and for scholars in the Church to do their own calculations.


The Eastern Church calculates it slightly differently and so will often have a different date. The Western Church since 1583 has been using 21st March under the Gregorian calendar to calculate the date of Easter, while the Eastern Orthodox continued and still continues to use 21st March under the Julian Calendar.

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